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Airdog MOI Innovative Mist-Free Cold Evaporative Humidifier

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Airdog MOI Evaporative Humidifier: Your Ultimate Clean Moisture Without Mold! The World's First Mold-Free Evaporative Humidifier! Experience the power of cutting-edge cold evaporative technology, delivering consistent humidity without any mist or mold concerns. With the active electrolyte module, enjoy 99.99% mold and bacteria-free air. Embrace a revolutionary humidifying experience with Airdog MOI - setting new standards in mold-free air quality.


Key Attributes of Airdog MOI Evaporative Humidifier

Item H5
Size (cm) Height: 42cm Depth: 25.8cm Width: 24.6cm
Outlet diameter 154mm
Bottom area 210*210mm
Water inlet diameter 92mm
Maximum cross-sectional area 258*242mm
Mode Auto mode/Sleep mode/Intensive sterilization mode/Filter drying mode
Machine weight 3kg
Power supply DC24V (AC adapter AC100-240V 50/60Hz)
Rated power 18W
Tank capacity 3L
Accessories Instruction manual, AC adapter
Power consumption L1=8.5W, L2=13W, L3=14.5W, L4=18W
Driving sound L1=18dBA, L2=32.5dBA, L3=34dBA, L4=39.1dBA
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OEM/ODM *Support OEM/ODM customized service*

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Product Description

Description of Airdog MOI Evaporative Humidifier

Airdog MOI Evaporative Humidifier adopts the latest cold evaporative technology, the most natural way to bring moisture to your air, like drying your wet clothes with a fan. It uses a washable fiber filter with the patented "shower spray" technology, which also ensures consistent evaporative humidity levels regardless of the water level in the tank.

Cold Evaporative Technology| Inactivates 99.9% of mold/bacteria |Washable Filters

Airdog MOI evaporative humidifiers

The World's First Mold & Bacteria Free Evaporative Humidifier

  1. Mist-Free Cold Evaporative, No bacterial/mould concern, Only clean moisture

  2. Patented "Shower Spray" Technology + Washable Filter

  3. Water is pumped up to the top of the filter ring and then rinse down to keep the whole filter fully saturated and to ensure constant humidity levels

  4. Active electrolyte module

  5. Effectively inactivates 99.999% of mould and bacteria. as well as eliminates odours

Airdog MOI (1)

Eco-Friendly & Money-Saving

Our innovative washable humidifier is not only eco-friendly but also saves you money in the long run. With its reusable filter, enjoy clean and moisturized air without the hassle of constantly buying new filters. Breathe easy while making a positive impact on the environment and your wallet!

Airdog MOI (4)

Effortless Comfort: One-Button Operation

Experience ultimate convenience with our one-button humidifier! Say goodbye to complicated settings and enjoy instant refreshment at the touch of a button.

Airdog MOI (3)

Multiple Operational Modes

Whether you prefer Smart Mode, Manual Mode, Purifying Mode, or Sleep Mode, we've got you covered. Customize the humidity to your liking and enjoy a healthier living space.

Airdog MOI (2)

Water Level Indicator

It's effortless to fill the water, and the front real-time water level display lights give immediate feedback.

Humidification Solutions

How Airdog Evaporative Humidifiers Solve Common Symptoms resulting from Dry Air

1. Active Electrolyte Module

Mold/bacteria can easily grow and fester in water and on filters. This will negatively impact your health. Airdog MOI is equipped with an active electrolyte module. It will activate our proprietary electrolyte disinfection for five minutes every hour to inactivate bacteria growth and prevent odor, delivering clean and healthy air right to you.

2. Cold Evaporative Technology

Most humidifiers use ultrasonic technology, creating localized humidity and raising potential bacteria and mold issues. Airdog MOI is the perfect answer to these problems with cold evaporative technology. With this technology, water will naturally evaporate in the air, and moisture evaporation is enhanced through circulating fans and spread into the air.

3. Washable Filters

Most humidifiers need to constantly replace filters, which can easily cost hundreds of dollars annually. Airdog’s reusable design saves more than money, but also our environment. MOI is designed with the washable design, you can wash the filter whenever there is a stain on it to keep it clean and mold-free, keeping your environment safe and healthy.

4. Drying Mode

MOI will automatically run the drying mode when there is no water detected in the chamber. This mode utilizes the fans internally and acts as a blow dryer to dry out any residual water left inside the water tank, filters and any other areas inside the chamber. This eliminates any and all possibility of potential mold growth.

The Benefits of Airdog MOI Evaporative Humidifier

Airdog MOI is a high-performance evaporative humidifier, so it has a lot benefits.

humidification floor

Surrounding floors and furniture will not get soaked.

AIRDOG MOI near electrical appliances

Can be used near electrical appliances

airdog MOI near books and documents

Can be used near books and documents

Condensation on glass windows is difficult

Condensation on glass windows is difficult


Continuous humidification for up to 40 hours

Continuous moisturizing care while sleeping

benefits of AIRDOG MOI

Suitable for Any Setting

airdog MOI

airdog moi recognized by many media

Why You Need Choose Airdog MOI Evaporative Humidifier

1. Drawbacks of Existing Evaporative Humidifiers In the Market

bacteria and mold growth in water and on filters1.  Bacteria and Mold. Growth in water and filters
inconsistent moisture level

2. Constant Change of Filters

Inconsistent Moisture Level

3. Inconsistent Moisture Level

localized humidification

Localized Humidification

2. Why Airdog MOI Outper form Other Evaporative Humidifiers

Airdog MOI Evaporative Humidifier VS Ultrasonic Humidifier

Airdog MOI VS other humidifiers

Differences Between Airdog MOI and other Evaporative Humidifiers

About Sterilization About Driving Noise About Humidification

Airdog MOI Evaporative Humidifier

An ozone generator can keep the water in the tank clean.

Airdog MOI (9)

Equipped with a high-performance silent motor and achieves 18dBA in L1 mode.

L2 : 32.5 dBA

L3 : 34    dBA

L4 : 39.1 dBA

Keeps a stable amount of humidification.

Smart filters can supply a constant amount of humidification regardless of the amount of water remaining in the tank.


General Evaporative Humidifier
Bacteria can easily breed in the water in the tank, so frequent maintenance is required. The motor that turns the fan may make a loud noise. The amount of humidification often changes depending on the amount of water remaining in the tank.

 Packaging & Shipping


Maximum order quantity: 1 piece   Sample price: Get √


Customized logo:Min. order: 1000   Customized packaging: Min. order: 1000  Graphic customization :Min. order: 1000

For more customization details, message supplier

packing of airdog moi

Company Information

Airdog featured by media

certification of airdogCONTACT OF AIRDOG

  • What is the Difference Between Airdog MoI And Other Humidifiers?

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    [3 Big Differences between Dog Moi and other evaporative humidifiers]
    1. About sterilization
    Airdog MOI: An ozone generator can keep the water in the tank clean.
    General evaporative humidifier: Bacteria can easily breed in the water in the tank, so frequent maintenance is required.

    2. About driving noise
    Airdog MOI:
    Equipped with a high-performance silent motor and achieves 18dBA in L1 mode.
    General evaporative humidifier: The motor that turns the fan may make a loud noise.

    3. About humidification
    Airdog MOI:
    Keeps a stable amount of humidification.
    Smart filters can supply a constant amount of humidification regardless of the amount of water remaining in the tank.
    General evaporative humidifier: The amount of humidification often changes depending on the amount of water remaining in the tank.
  • How Big of A Room Does Airdog MOI Fit Into?

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    Air circulation is also important for effective humidification. Airdog MOI evaporative humidifier is developed to provide proper humidification for long periods of time.

    It is not simply a matter of increasing the amount of humidification specified in the specifications. Only by circulating humidified air can the entire room be efficiently humidified.

    Airdog MOI circulates air with a maximum air volume of 120 m³/h (air equivalent to 30 tatami mats per hour*).

    *Calculated based on a ceiling height of 2.4m and 1 tatami mat of 1.65 m2. In about 8 tatami mats, L2 mode reaches the ideal humidity of around 50% in 1 hour. The power of air circulation adjusts to the ideal humidity faster and more effectively. Please use the appropriate operation mode depending on the size, temperature, and humidity of the room.
  • What Is The Price of Airdog MOI For a Test Order?

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    Thank you for your inquiry regarding the price for a test order.

    We offer a flexible pricing structure that is determined by the quantity of the products you wish to purchase. In order to provide you with an accurate price for your test order, we would need to know the specific quantity you are interested in.

    Once we have the information about the quantity, we can calculate the best price for your test order. We strive to offer competitive prices and provide the highest quality products.

    To proceed further and get a precise quotation, please provide us with the desired quantity for your test order. Our sales team will be more than happy to assist you and provide you with all the necessary details.

    Thank you for considering Airdog MOI for your order. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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