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The world's first removable and washable filter



Medical grade purification standards

Breathe Different with Innovative Washable Air Cleaners. indexPBanP

Breathe Different with Innovative Washable Air Cleaners.

Meet Airdog air purifiers – devices based on the patented TPA®.

indexPIcon1 Active Filtration
indexPIcon2 FDA Recommended
indexPIcon3 Reusable Filter
indexPIcon4 Work Quietly
indexPIcon5 Environment Friendly
indexPIcon6 Minimal Ozone Emission (0.01 ppm)

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Global Leading Air Expert

We are a global leader in technology products and manufacturing
with over 300 staff, and 3 manufacturing facilities. Our factory covers more than 100,000 square meters.

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Airdog Has Been Installed in 4,500+ Medical Institutions in Japan.


Airdog Has Been Installed in 4,500+ Medical Institutions in Japan.

The lead singer of Band Toto, Bobby Kimball uses Airdog's FitAir full kit while traveling.

United States

Bobby Kimball original lead singer of Band Toto" uses our FitAir full kit while he travels!

Airdog's partner in Italy Michele enjoying the fresh air at his home.


Michele our partner in Italy has joined Airdog global family since last year. We share the same mission to make fresh air accessible for everyone.

Airdog distribution team in Thailand.


The access to clean air is a basic right. Meet our distribution team in Thailand.

Airdog offer a wide range of products to ensure air comfort for your entire family. indexBreatheP

Breathe Different

Love is in the air. We offer a wide range of products to ensure air comfort for your home. Join us and choose
the most desirable ones for your need!oll

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Featured by Media

Like Tesla Motor changed the auto industry by using electrical power to replace gasoline. Airdog is empowered to change the air purification industry by using electrical filtration to replace HEPA filters.

We aim to became the “Tesla” in the air purification industry.


01We Are So Impressed.

Didn’t realize how bad the air was until I started this up. With dogs running and playing thru the living room air quality was in the red zone. Cleanses the air quickly. So impressed.

indexMedia2  Rhonda S.

02The Air Quality Is Improved Immensely.

So much for keeping the windows open. But as I kept the $599 unit on for a while, the air quality improved immensely. And that’s just the point of the product: It not only cleans the air in your house but also shows you visible quantification of what it’s doing.

indexMedia1  Scott Kramer

03The device is a quiet, sleek unit.

Airdog X5 promises to take indoor air purification to a whole new level. The device is a quiet, sleek unit that appears at home and natural blends in to any room. 

indexMedia3  Dusan Belic

04Airdog is using advanced filtration technology.

Airdog is using advanced filtration technology, the air purifier is capable of catching pollutants as small as 14.6nm including odors, dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, bacteria and viruses, so you can get cleaner and healthier air.

indexMedia4  Daniel

05You won't have to worry about pollution.

I got to try on the Fitair at CES, and the stream of air felt great when I was wearing the mask. Strap the Airdog Fitair to your arm and you won't have to worry about pollution as you run.

indexMedia5  Andrew Gebhart


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