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Airdog MOI H5 humidifierAirdog H1 Humidifier

Size (cm)

Height: 42cm Depth: 25.8cm Width: 24.6cmHeight:  33.7cm  Depth: 24cm Width: 24cm
ModeAuto mode/Sleep mode/Intensive sterilization mode/Filter drying modeRemote control, touch screen
Machine weight3kg3kg
Power supply100-240v / 50-60Hz100-220v / 50-60Hz
Rated power18W16W
Tank capacity3L3L
Power consumptionL1=8.5W, L2=13W, L3=14.5W, L4=18W14W
Driving soundL1=18dB(A), L2=32.5dB(A), L3=34dB(A), L4=39.1dB(A)35dB(A)
Spray mist volume/h:110ml/hour, 250ml/hour150-250ml/hour

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