Beyond traditional HEPA filtration technology,Airdogs' patented TPA technology is tested worldwide as the ultimate clean-air solution

Airdog' s patented TPA ( "two-pole active" ) is an active filtration technology that generates a high-voltage electric field to electrify and destroy harmful particles,attracting them to washable collecting plates. Airdog ensures that clean air is the norm rather than a luxury. Our 3 layers of washable filters eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful particles and toxins, including the tiniest PM 2.5 particles.


Journey to Clean Air

How TPA works

TPA vs HEPA: Our Strengths

Terminates Vs Collect s:HEPA traps pollutants such as pollen and dust, while Ionic technology destroys these toxins and eliminates them from our air. Often times HEPA air purifiers will stop working when the filter isn't changed regularly. Pollutants that were once collected can escape back into the air! Furthermore, when the temperature is warmer and humidity is in the air, mold and bacteria grows on the HEPA filter causing bad odors and hazardous waste generated during the process. Airdog's washable filter solves this problem by creating an easy clean system that is safe and effective. Just wash with detergent and warm water or put in the dishwasher to clean!
SAVES MONEY: Since mold and bacteria are likely to incubate on HEPA filters, you need to change those very expensive filters every 6 months. Spending money on these replacement filters can easily cost $250 per year, and better quality HEPA filters cost even more. Airdog air purifiers require no replacement of filters or any other components. Simply wash the filters and put them back to use, saving you significant time and money.
Filtration Range :TPA® Filters purify a much wider range than the traditional HEPA filter - from 0.0146 microns particles to PM 2.5 (cigarette, exhaust, dust, pet danders), as well as larger particles (pollen, pet hair).

Smart App & Real Time AQI

Connect your Airdog to your phone with Airdog Smart App that displays real time AQI, and acts as a remote control.

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