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Airdog X5 Smart Air Purifier

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Breathe easier with the Airdog X5 Air Purifier -- 450 sq.ft ! Our advanced purification technology captures 99.97% of airborne pollutants, including dust, allergens, and germs, making your home or office a healthier and cleaner environment. With its sleek design and easy-to-use controls, the Airdog X5 is the perfect addition to any space not to mention how well it goes with you decor... Inquiry now for the latest prices!

Meet the Airdog X5

The world's healthiest, most eco-friendly air purifier


Filter Replacements?
Not Anymore: The Airdog Air Purifier X5 proudly presents its TPA filters, designed for a lifetime of use. 
These durable and recyclable graphene filters maintain peak performance without compromising on quality.
Save $1250 in 5 Years!

Washable Filter

No need to change filters
Core technology

High-volume Airflow,

Airdog's optimized aerodynamic design enables high-volume airflow.
X5 has a CADR of 206 CFM, which could circulate a 350m3/h. room three times in an hour.

Revolutionary Medical Grade Purification: X5 Air Purifier

Our X5 Air Purifier is Certified To Destroy COVID-19 In 99.02%
Of All Test Scenarios!! Contact us for the report now!

Low Noise

Airdog are much quieter compared to HEPA air purifiers. The noise level ranges from 22dB (sleep mode) to 57dB (turbo mode) and averages 34dB which is half of traditional air purification systems. 
This is about as quiet as a soft hum, and definitely more quiet than your neighbor's dog.

Child Lock

Made of V-0 fireproof material, the child lock prevents children from playing with the settings. 
Powers off immediately once the back panel is opened accidentally.

Smart Control & Easy to Operate

Initiates with the push of a button, and auto-adjusts to different modes based on your room’s air quality level. 
This feature not only makes monitoring your room’s air quality easy to do, it also saves you money on energy bills and gives you peace of mind!
Reasons why Airdog Air Purifier is the Perfect Choice
  • TPA Filtration Technology Filters and Destroys Harmful Substances
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    As a major breakthrough in air filtration technology, the Airdog air purifier uses TPA® Technology, born from Silicon Valley in the United States, to effectively remove ultra-fine nano dust particles and harmful microorganisms. as small as 0.0146 microns out of the air by an ionizing electromagnetic field of more than 40,000V produced tightly inside the filter. The product is capable of destroying 99% of large amounts of harmful viruses, bacteria and spores, ensuring comprehensive health for consumers.

    During the days of the epidemic outbreak in China, the Airdog air purifier has truly proven its effectiveness and great potential in improving household air quality, with the ability to reduce air pollution. Kills 99.02% of viruses tested and certified by the prestigious Institute of Medicine, Democritus University of Thrace, ranked in the top 10 universities in Greece, the European Union
  • Permanent Washable Filter, No Need To Replace
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    This air filtration technology integrates a permanent filter made from a combination of metal and carbon. This filter is like a super strong magnet that ensures the filter thoroughly absorbs 99.99% of harmful agents inside. outside the environment:

    Formaldehyde removal efficiency>99.9%;
    Fine dust filtration efficiency PM2.5>99.9%;
    Bacterial killing efficiency>99.9%;
    H3N2 virus removal rate in 1 hour: 99.9%;
    Filtering efficiency of particles with size ≥0.0146micron;
    For the first time in the world, Airdog has a washable collection unit that is easy to clean and dries extremely quickly, can be thoroughly reused and minimize waste, certainly an economical and effective choice. that you can refer to as a replacement for traditional Hepa filters that cost a lot to replace and have limited filtering performance.

    With a washable filter, bacteria and virus reservoirs will not have a parasitic environment and grow inside the filter screen and then be blown back into the room in double quantity. This is truly an air filtration solution whose filtration efficiency does not change over time. Superior to traditional Hepa filters with a significant loss of 20-40% of filtration and reduction effects after 6 to 8 months
  • Diverse Products, Outstanding Filtration Performance for Any Air Cleaning Need
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    Airdog air purifiers with 4 available main product lines, serving different needs as well as different filtration spaces:

    Airdog X3 achieves CADR performance: ≥120CFM (200m³/h); Suitable for spaces up to 20㎡ such as children's rooms, bedrooms, family reading rooms, dressing rooms...

    Airdog X5 achieves CADR performance: ≥185CFM (350m³/h) suitable for 45m2 space: Living room, kitchen, hotel room.

    Airdog X8 achieves the highest efficiency CADR: ≥500CFM (850m³/h); Designed to suit family spaces as well as large spaces such as hospitals, offices, clinics, banquet halls, homestays... The area up to 92m2.

    Airdog Aircap mini air purifier for cars: possesses an incredible clean air distribution performance of up to 20m³/h, suitable for car spaces and workplaces. individual, capsule hotel, small toilet.

airdog X5 (10)

Item Airdog X5
Applicable Area 450+ sq.ft & 45 + ㎡
CADR 350 m³/h
Size (in) H : 0.65m * L : 0.316m * W : 0.306m
Weight 11.1 Kg
Power 55W@ Max,<2W @Standby
Input 100-240V~ 50/60Hz, for Universal
Noise ≤63 dB(A)
Ozone ≤10 ppb (Standard:50 ppb)


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