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Airdog Mini Portable Car Air Purifier

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Airdog Aircap Portable Mini Car Air Purifier is ideal for use in personal spaces,such as a car.It will always wrap your daily life with clean air.

Key Attributes of Airdog Mini Car Portable Air Purifier

Item Airdog Aircap Mini Car Portable Air Purifier
Applicable Area All car
CADR 20m⊃3;/h
Nomal color black、white
Size H: 0.220 m x D: 0.084 m x W : 0.073 m
Weight 0.6Kg (with AC adaptor without battery)
Power L1 :5W L2: 8W
Input 5V DC @ ≥2.5A recommend , USB
Noise L1: 31.36dB(A) L2 : 51.95dB(A)

Not only car air purifiers , but also can be used for Outdoor, Garage, RV, Commercial, Household,Hotel

Description of Airdog Mini Car Portable Air Purifier

Do you want to strike a perfect deal at an ideal price when purchasing car air purifiers? 

Airdog Aircap is the best choice of mini portable car air purifier:The world’s smallest but powerful washable clean air solution — Bring your safe and fresh air on the go!

1.Rechargeable and Built-in Battery Portable Car Air Purifier 

Airdog car air purifiers offer good battery life with charging capabilities to recharge the battery whenever it is needed. 

Charging Port: Magnetic charging cable, Easy to connect/disconnect

lithium battery, 1-hour charging time. and standard running 3 hours.

airdog car air purifiers

2. The Best Low Noise Car Air Purifier

Noise level is an important factor that you need to consider before buying the perfect air purifier for a car. 

If you don’t want to get disturbed by its noise while driving, Airdog air purifiers are a low-noise solution for your car.

✔  Normal mode: 31.36dB Turbo mode: 51.95dB    According to NCEH - CDC,  30 db  = Soft whisper


3. A Portable Car Air Purifier Quickly Purify The Air

Cleans air in your car in less than 8 mins —- It circulates and sanitizes your air in the car 7 times an hour. Eliminate 99.9% Germs in 1 hour

Even a large minivan can be cleaned in about 12 minutes ! 

car air purifiers clean air

4. Innovative Electric Filtration Technology

Airdog mini portable car air purifier also use the Airdog Patented TPA technology, Just wash the inner core parts periodically. Remove particles down to 14.6nm(0.0146μm).


5. Washable Solution OF Car Air Purifier

Say "No" to wasteful HEPA filters!  Easy to clean, just wash it. Reusable, just scrub with a brush, and the purification effect will not be attenuated. 

Compared with the HEPA air purifier, it does not use a HEPA filter, and there is no need to buy filters repeatedly. Save your money.

Airdog aircap (1)

6. 360-degree Air Flow Circulation

Takes in pollutants from all sides at once, not only suitable for car,but also suitable for personal use.

Airdog aircap (18)

7. Portable Plastic Bottle Size

Every car air purifier offers a different mechanism to install but it is ideal to choose an air purifier that can save space while driving. Airdog car air purifiers with Portable plastic bottle size.


Know The Supplier of Airdog Mini Car Portable Air Purifier

Airdog is a global technology company focused on the research, development, and production of air purification devices and health-related electrical appliances. It was founded in 2007 by a group of technical experts and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. You can wholesale air purifiers from us since airdog is a professional air purifier manufacturer. (founded in USA , manufactured in China) With the mission to “Create a healthy environment through technology and innovation”, Airdog has been continuously researching, designing, and manufacturing green, environmentally friendly, performing, and efficient air purification devices for residential and commercial use.


Maximum order quantity: 1 piece   Sample price: Get √

2. Customization:

Customized logo:Min. order: 1000   Customized packaging: Min. order: 1000  Graphic customization :Min. order: 1000

For more customization details, message supplier


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