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IEF Commercial Ceiling-Mounted Air Purifier Solution

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  • FSA


·IEF technology, 0 space occupation, 0 material consumption, 0 noise and 0 ozone;

·Ceiling-mounted without floor occupation, run independently in big air volume, eliminate the haze and disinfect the air with no ozone;

·Run immediately after installation, easy to maintain;

·Simple embeding design fits in all occations

·Run independently in big air volume with fan component, no need to pneumatically linked with Central AC system

·Repeatly large air circulation through big air inlet in center, flanked by four long and narrow air outlets

·Long Maintenance cycle, high removal rates for both particles and methanol

·Stable performance endorsed by several authorative certificates;

·Low energy consumption, huge amount of negative ion brings pleasant feeling for end users;

·Several control methods are optional: Self-control

Clean air volume (CADR particulate matter)(m/h550750
Clean Air Volume (CADR Formaldehyde Selection)(m/h)240280
Accumulated Particulate Matter Purification Energy Consumption (CCM Particulate Matter )P3P3
Purification Energy Efficiency (Particulate Matter)(m/(W-h)8.5(High efficiency)7.1(High efficiency)
Purification Energy Efficiency (Formaldehyde Selection)(m/(W-h))3.7(High efficiency)2.7(High efficiency)
Bactericidal rate99.99%
Applicable area*(m2)35-65*50-90*
Noise (high/medium/low sound pressure level)(db(A))42/39/3746/44/43
Noise (high/medium/low power level)(db(A))56/53/5160/58/57
Body dimensions(length  width  height)(mm)570*570*300730*730*300
Panel dimensions(length  width  height)(mm)650*650*28850*850*28
Product color                                                                                                white

Additional functionsRemote Controller
Optional AccessoriesM8 Methanol filter
Types of Touch ProtectionClass‖
*  The applicable area is for room of 2.7m in height, other than that, please divide the equivalent volume of the room by actual height.


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