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Airdog Air Purifiers for Education
Airdog was good for school because it was easy to clean and there was no need to replace the filter. And it was determined to be the most effective in terms of performance and technology.
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Airdog Air Purifiers in Japan
Airdog air purifiers Has Been Installed in 10,000+ Medical Institutions in Japan.
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Airdog air purifiers in the USA
We are a global leader in technology products and manufacturing. And our product is highly recommended in the USA.
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Airdog Air Purifiers in Germany
Provide air security services for more than 6,000 schools and clinics in Germany. To protect the health of the students and teachers in view of the ongoing infection rate and to enable the school to run as smoothly as possible, the German Government equipped all schools and kindergartens with accred
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Airdog Air Purifiers in Italy
A large number of schools and medical institutions in Italy use Airdog, and the famous Milan Sforza Castle Museum is also a user of Airdog.
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Aordog Air Purifiers in Thailand
Airdog is designated Air Purifier in APEC 2022. Airdog enters Roll-Royce Store. Airdog celebrates the opening of a new branch SIAM Takashimaya. Location : Airdog SIAM Takashimaya , 4th floor 17.06.2023 Airdog celebrates the opening of a new branch, CentralWorld.Location : Central World, 4th flo
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Airdog Air Purifiers in Brazil
The renowned @rollingstone magazine chooses Airdog as the best purification technology. They called Airdog a game changer in the market.
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Airdog Air Purifier for Nursing Home
It has also been installed in the living room, where residents gather, and other rooms. Especially in the living room, I expected the deodorizing effect. Especially the smell of ammonia is unpleasant. I feel that the goodness of the air dog is that it can be taken promptly. Also, I think it's good that the air dog has a strong dust collection power. When I wash the filter, it is very dirty, and when I flush it, black water comes out, so I can see that it is well removed. The fact that maintenance is so easy and you don't have to replace filters is great.
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Airdog Air Purifiers for Education
Airdog was good for school because it was easy to clean and there was no need to replace the filter. And it was determined to be the most effective in terms of performance and technology.
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Airdog Air Purifier for Hotel
The Airdogs were installed in the Imperial Suite at Toba Kokusai Hotel, the Premium Suite at Shiojitei, and in the public areas. Since our visitors are usually careful about the cleanliness of the air, we decided on the Airdog after a lot of consideration as a model that would be suitable for welcoming them in a clean environment. I believe that how we can maintain a clean environment and provide a safe and secure space is important for our hotel business.
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Airdog Air Purifiers for Factory
It is a company that manufactures large and medium-sized tent warehouses and membrane structures. So far, we have taken the measures of comprehensive ventilation and dust masks in the workshop, but due to changes in the law, we decided to introduce Airdog. The Airdog's tubing is directed at the worker, blowing clean air into the breathing area.
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Airdog Air Purifiers for Office
we can wholesale air purifiers for Office from Airdog factory.
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Airdog Air Purifiers For Restaurants
Kyoto is an important tourist destination in Japan, and thorough preparations are being made to prevent viruses so that people can enjoy sightseeing with peace of mind. They decided to introduce Airdog because it removes more than 99% of viruses, and because the simple design harmonizes with the guest rooms of the inn.
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