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Airdog Air Purifiers in Germany

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Provide air security services for more than 6,000 schools and clinics in Germany.

To protect the health of the students and teachers in view of the ongoing infection rate and to enable the school to run as smoothly as possible, the German Government equipped all schools and kindergartens with accredited Air Sanitizers.

Airdog TPA installed thousands of classrooms with its new sustainable technology and thus saves immense follow-up costs for replacement filters protecting the environment at the same time.

For example, almost 900 devices were delivered and installed by TPA Air Technology Germany / LTEG GmbH for the Aichach / Friedberg district alone. See image.

The mobile air filter devices with plasma technology eliminate and filter pollutants from the ambient air using a so-called cold plasma field. Its degree of filtration of almost 100 percent has been confirmed by German medical laboratories, particularly regarding the SARS-CoV-19 virus. Further advantages: The air sanitizer is optimized and certified in Germany neither to emit ozone nor other pollutants.

District Office Aichach-Friedberg, Germany

Image (© District Office Aichach-Friedberg, Germany): Rainer Hurler (Head of the Municipal Building Department), District Administrator Dr. Klaus Metzger, Michael Metzger (LTEG GmbH) and Stefan Reinholz (Head of Building Management) with one of the mobile air cleaning devices that are currently being installed at the district schools.

Airdog has become the designated air disinfection product of the German Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo.

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