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Customer feedback:collecting plate washing

It's so dirty! These pollutants should have been floating in the air. Imagine if there’s no Airdog in our office, these dirty particles would have been in our lungs and some ultra-fine particles would stay in our lungs permanently!

Thanks for Airdog, At least in our office we can breathe healthily!

Now that the collecting plate is so dirty, what can we do then? Don’t worry, it’s washable and reusable.

Now let’s show you how to clean it. Just put it in a water tank and brush it with water. If you like, it’s better to add drops of neutral detergent. This is our regular metal collecting plate, and now we have newly designed FAST-DRY collecting plates which can be split into three parts and it’s easier for you to clean it thoroughly.

I love this new design! How about you?

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