Finding the Right Air Purifier for a Large Space

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With air pollution levels on the rise and health risks becoming more evident, it pays to take steps to ensure that you are breathing clean air in your home. If you have a large space or live in an area with high levels of pollutants, such as dust, pollen, mold spores, and other airborne particles, investing in an air purifier can make a huge difference.

What to Look For In An Air Purifier For A Large Space?

When you are shopping for an air purifier for a large space, there are several factors to consider.

1. Applicable Area

First, you should look at the size of the room that the unit will be used in. This is important because some air purifiers may not be able to effectively clean a large area. You also want to look for an air purifier that is designed specifically for a larger space; these units usually come with more powerful filtration systems and larger fan motors. For example, if you buy airdog air purifiers, you should buy Airdog x8 for a large space.

airdog air purifier specification

2. Noise

Additionally, If the noise is> 50 dB, people will be affected when they sleep. Take Airdog X8 for example, it takes aerodynamic design to a higher level. Even in the most upscale operation, the noise does not exceed 63dB. If we compare the X8 to other BIG brand products at the same airflow rate, the noise level of 8 Airdog X8 working together equals the noise level of one IQxxx (another top seller); or the noise level of six Airdog X8 working together equates to one Bluexxx (another well-known brand).  So if noise is a concern for you, take X8 as a comparison, and look for models that have quieter operations.

x8 noise level VS other

3. Filter types And Filtration Performance Ratings

It’s also essential to compare different models based on their filter types and filtration performance ratings. HEPA filters are considered to be the most effective at trapping small particles from 0.3 microns or larger; however, they can also be expensive and require frequent filter changes. Carbon filters are another option; they are able to absorb odors but may struggle with smaller particles such as smoke and allergens.  The best option is a washable filter, such as the Airdog TPA filter which is Economical and Environmentally. No matter what filter you choose, you should also check out any certifications or standards that each model has met; this will help provide assurance that the product performs as advertised and meets safety requirements.

TPA filter VS HEPA filter

4. Life Time Of Filters

Finally, consider how often you’ll need to replace the filters on your chosen unit; this will vary depending on your usage but can range from one month up to one year or longer. However, some models only need regular cleaning of dust accumulation from their exterior surfaces, such as the airdog TPA filter being washable, so it can reuse while others require more frequent filter changes. As humans, we are growing more environmentally conscious. HEPA filters are made of non-recyclable fiberglass and TPA offers a revolutionary washable solution. Enjoy the fresh air and feel good about protecting our planet.

Investing in an air purifier for your large space can help you breathe easier and protect your health from potential pollutants found in the air inside your home. When shopping around for an air purifier for a large space, make sure you compare models based on Applicable Area, Noise level, Filter types and filtration performance ratings, Life Time Of Filter etc. Doing so will ensure that you find an effective model that fits within your budget while providing optimal performance over time!
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