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Noise level test of Airdog air purifier

Here you can see the international high-end air purifier we choose for noise comparison, and we hid their names for fair comparison. This one is the sound-level meter, which can measure decibels and the sound pressure of the unit, by using this meter, the noise can be quantified.

So let’s all be quiet to see the level of this machine, you can see the value is 70dba, now let’s move the decibel meter to our machine, and we also adjust it to the biggest level: X3...X5...X8..., X8 is our biggest machine, and the CADR is 1000m3/h, almost doubled than this international brand machine, but the noise is lower than it, so the noise performance of our machine is really nice.

And let’s see if we turn three sets of our air purifier at the biggest level, what will be the value in, it’s still lower than this machine, amazing... calm down, please stay humble. It will be another spotlight to promote...

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