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Air Purifier Hepa vs. Ionizer - Which One Is Better for Your Home?

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There are two types of air purifiers available today: ionizers and HEPA filters. Both work by removing particles from the air, but they do so in different ways. An ionizer uses electricity to create ions that attach themselves to airborne particles, while a HEPA filter traps particles through a combination of electrostatic forces and high-efficiency filtration.

How can I know that my air purifier is really cleaning the air?

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The best part of the Airdog air purifier is that you could see the effect with your own eyes! You will notice the AQI (Air Quality Index) number decreasing when the air purifier is on. Also, after using Airdog air purifiers for a week, you can actually see many of the pollutants absorbed on the collecting plates when you take the plates out to clean.

Do I have any maintenance costs if I own an Airdog air purifier?

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NO. Airdog air purifier is a cost-effective and environmentally green solution.

A. Collecting plates in Airdog air purifier is a washable and reusable part, so no more need on spending money on HEPA filters.

B. Composite catalyst layer is also reusable; you may put it directly under the sunlight for 1~2 hours to refresh it. 

More details about our product, pls click this link : https://airdogint.com/product/list

Airdog X3 uses high voltage inside. Is it safe for home use?

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Airdog X3 uses an advanced electronic design built around safety. The power consumption of Airdog is equivalent to only a small light bulb! It has high voltage inside but very low current in the order of micro-amps. The high voltage runs on a direct current to avoid any possible electronic perturbation. Clik this link for more details: https://airdogint.com/ProDetail/Airdog-X3-Household-Air-Purifier.html

I am concerned about X3 air purifier safety. May I know more details?

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Airdog X3 is built around Safety 1st ! We have implemented the following:

A. Smart control: The “smart electronics” control circuit continually monitors the current and voltage levels, and suppresses them whenever there’s any abnormal situation; 

B. Anti-fire: Airdog X3 is manufactured with the highest V0-grade fire retardant plastics housing;

C. Child lock: It prevents improper operations when children are playing around it;

To know more about us,pls click this link : https://airdogint.com/ProDetail/Airdog-X3-Household-Air-Purifier.html

Are you the manufacturer?

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Yes, we are the manufacturer. In fact, we have specialized in the air purifiers field since 2007. After 15 years of development, now, we have a rich connection all over the world in this field. Many brand buyers have good cooperation with us, you can click here to know more about our factory. We are happy to be your potential supplier. Know more about us, pls click this link:https://airdogint.com/single/about.html

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