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2023 Airdog X3 Air Purifier Review

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Air Purifiers Are the Newest Trend in Home Improvement. As we all know, air purifiers' benefits are many. For example, maybe you will ask will air purifier help with allergies. Yes!  It can reduce allergens that cause asthma attacks and respiratory problems so that you will breathe easier and stay healthier. Also,air purifier for smoke is common. It can effectively reduce the smell and odors. Air purifiers remove dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other pollutants from the air in your home. So it can keep your home clean.

Different from traditional HEPA filters,Airdog X-series air purifier with a washable filter,is No consumables. The Airdog X3 is the best-selling product of Airdog air purifiers due to its extremely high cost performance ratio. Let’s quickly recap how Airdog X3 works.

Airdog Technology

Two Pole Active (TPA) acquire technology was an active filtration technology, which is different from the HEPA filter passive filtration. It is based on Ionic Wind technology and optimized for air filtration.

It enables electrical filtration with high collecting efficiency but low power consumption. It enables a washable green solution that no filter change is needed. It offers an environmentally green solution!


Airdog X3 Design:Contracted but not simple . At first look,the fuselage is a large area of white.The control panel is black-colored on the top. With only one button, you can control your air purifier.But the screen will display all the information. It is 14.5 inches tall and 12 inches on either side. Although it looks small, it is heavier than we thought, it is 12.7 pounds. But you don't have to worry about moving. It has carrying handles on both sides for moving it.    


Airdog X3 Coverage215 sq. ft.  Airdog X3 is the best choice of air purifier for small rooms, such as your bedroom, bathrooms,kitchens, and pretty much any small room in your house. If you want a bigger coverage area, you can choose X5 and X8 air purifiers.

Filter Longevity : It has good longevity because of its washable air filter. If you use a HEPA filter, The most frequently asked question is"how often air filter change" ,you should replace it every 6-12 months. Actually, it depends on the filter you have and the air quality. A HEPA filter costs between $15 and $60. That means you need to pay an extra $60 - $240 every year at least. However, if you use Airdog X-series air purifiers, you just wash the collection set when it was dirty. Over time, Airdog can help you save a good bit of money.

Airdog X3 Air Purifier Noise Levels: ≤65 dB(A). Airdog has 4 levels and a sleep mode. You can watch the noise level test video, even at the biggest speed, the noise is <65db. When in Sleep Mode, the test result is about 40.9 dBA. (You can see the common noise levels by INAD )  .

You can imagine that an air purifier is so quiet that you don't even notice it's here.  It don't effect when kids are studying or taking a rest at home.

Does Airdog X3 Create Ozone?

Actually, almost every Ionic air purifier technology has the potential to produce small ozone in some circumstances. You may worry about it's harmful to your body. However, most air purifiers produce very little ozone and they do not harm people's health. You may ask the question of how much ozone the X3 creates. You can see this report which is from an independent testing lab, the SGS. It just produces minimal trace amounts of ozone just at 0.0053 ppm (parts per million)  It is far below the CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety & Healthy (NIOSH) recommends ozone exposure limits of 0.1 ppm. So ,Airdog X3 is very safe. And X3 is the best affordable air purifier for home.

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