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How Much Should I Spend on An Air Purifier

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The air we breathe matters most - our health and well-being depends on it! Due to the rising levels of air pollution and airborne illnesses, an increasing number of individuals are opting to purchase air purifiers to enhance the air quality within their residences. But how much should i spend on an air purifier?

The Centers for Disease Control reports that approximately 1 in 13 individuals is affected by asthma, and more than 50 million Americans experience allergies on an annual basis. About a quarter of American homes already have an air purifier. The uestion of "How much should I spend on an air purifier ?" may pose a concern. 

What is a good price for an air purifier? The cost of air purifiers can vary greatly, ranging from under $50 to over $2,000.

Why are air purifiers so expensive?

The cost of an air purifier can depend on a combination of factors, including the Advanced filtration technology used, the high quality of materials, Certifications, additional features, and brand reputation. More info,pls read this blog :  Why-Air-Purifiers-Are-So-Expensive ?

So, How Much Should I Spend On an Air Purifier ? It Depending on Several Factors.


The size of the room

the larger, the more expensive

The size of the unit

the larger, the more expensive

The filtration technology

the better the filter, the more expensive

The added features

the more features, the more expensive

1. The size of the room

Generally buying air clean needs to see if you want to purify the size of the space. Refer to the retail price of Airdog :

If you put it in your own small room, something like 200 sq. ft should be enough. The average price is around $200- $400.

If you want to purify more space, you should buy a bigger one. The price is usually around $500- $1200. You can refer to the following size and price ( You can contact Airdog for bulk price):

air purifiers

In addition, the general purchase of HEPA air purifiers, because mold and bacteria are likely to grow on the HEPA filter, so It takes about 3 to 6 months to replace the filter. You may have to pay extra for the strainer. The average price of filters ranges from 20 to 200. This means that you will need to spend up to $1200 extra per year.

Your empty net costs become more and more expensive over time. But if you buy a purifier with a washable filter, it will be a cheaper option in the long term. Airdog air purifiers exactly so.

Airdog solves that filter replacement problem with its advanced TPA technology and saves you money! No need to change filters with Airdog…Just wash them! This can save you lots of $$ and hassle!

washable air filter

2. The size of the unit

Generally speaking, larger air purifiers may have more advanced filtration systems and be able to purify larger rooms, which can make them more expensive.

3. The filtration technology

It is necessary to consider the annual expenses associated with operating and maintaining the air purifier when considering its cost. 

One of the main ongoing costs of an air purifier is the cost of replacing filters. The frequency of filter replacements will depend on the model of the air purifier and the level of air pollution in your home. Some units require filter replacements every three months, while others can go up to a year before filters need to be replaced.

If you invest in a washable air purifier, you may initially spend more money. But in the long term,you will ultimately save money.

4. The added features

Typically, the increase in the number of features leads to a higher price. You should spend enough to get an air purifier that meets your needs. When making a purchase, it is crucial to think about which is the most important feature to you.

If you have trouble sleeping, it is important to take into account the noise factor when selecting an air purifier. It is advisable to choose an air purifier with minimal noise levels. Such as Airdog air purifiers (≤ 60db(A)) . Watch the noise level test video:

If you have a baby, it's important to consider whether the air purifier has a child lock. This feature helps prevent accidental contact with your baby, which could disrupt the normal functioning of the air purifier. Such as Airdog X8 air purifier for home. which is the best air purifiers for baby.

airdog X8 with child lock

To sum up, you can find top-notch air purifiers at various price ranges ($50 to over $2,000.) There are numerous great choices available that offer high-quality performance. Just select the appropriate air purifier based on your requirements.

How To Find the Best Air Purifiers Supplier ?

Since we understand how much we should spend on air purifiers, we need to find the most suitable supplier for us. A good supplier can give us value for money. You can read this blog :  Wholesale Air Purifiers:How to get a reliable supplier

I hope this blog can hlep you find the best air purifiers you need.

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