Airdog MOI innovative evaporative humidifier

[Difference between Air Dog Moi and other evaporative humidifiers]

About sterilization: The ozone generator keeps the water in the tank clean.

About driving sound: It is equipped with a high-performance silent motor and achieves 18dBA in L1 mode.

About humidification: Keep a stable amount of humidification. The smart filter can supply a constant amount of humidification regardless of the remaining amount of water in the tank.

Size (cm) Height: 42cm Depth: 25.8cm Width: 24.6cm
Outlet diameter 154mm
Bottom area 210*210mm
Water inlet diameter 92mm
Maximum cross-sectional area 258*242mm
Mode Auto mode/Sleep mode/Intensive sterilization mode/Filter drying mode
Machine weight 3kg
Power supply DC24V (AC adapter AC100-240V 50/60Hz)
Rated power 18W
Tank capacity 3L
Accessories Instruction manual, AC adapter
Power consumption L1=8.5W, L2=13W, L3=14.5W, L4=18W
Driving sound L1=18dBA, L2=32.5dBA, L3=34dBA, L4=39.1dBA

Airdog MOI humidifier

Nature and comfort

Nature and comfort

Airdog MOI humidifier

Sterilize tank water with ozone

The ozone generator keeps the water in the tank clean

Airdog MOI humidifier

It is hygienic

Because it can suppress the growth of various bacteria

Airdog MOI humidifier

Auto mode function

Humidity sensor interlocking to keep comfortable humidity

Airdog MOI humidifier

Equipped with smart filter evaporative humidifier

Always constant regardless of the amount of water in the tank Keep the amount of humidification

Airdog MOI humidifier


Washable filter


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