A5 Portable HEPA Air Purifier

This HEPA portable air purifier has Six Purification Advantages

* 3 Level Purification   

* Smart Display    

* Activated carbon filter   

* Negative Ion Purification  

* Purify the air effectively  

* Low Noise

Material is qualitative ABS
Packing quantity 8
Product size 160*160*268mm
Carton size 69*42*32cm
Single net/gross weight 1.25kg
Net/gross weight of FCL 15.6/16.8kg
Charging voltage/current: DC5.0V/1500mA
Battery power: 37W
Battery capacity: 10000mA
Fan power: 1/1.7W;2/3.5W;3/5W

HD large screen display of air purifier

HD large screen display

Real-time display of speed and power

True hepa filter of air purifier

True hepa filter

Honeycomb design reduces wind resistance, purify formaldehyde& TVOC effectively remove odor

air purifier,Effective sterilization Protect breathing health

Effective sterilization

Using professional filtration and sterilization technology

Warm night light caring companion

Warm night light caring companion

Noise reduction air duct with dual gravity dc motor,warm night lights

Portable strap easy to carry

Portable strap

Easy to carry

Long purification

Built-in 10000mAh battery rapid purification, suitable for the whole room,Battery life up to about 20 hours


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