Portable Mini Heating Fan

1: The three-speed mode can be selected at will; the angle can be adjusted, and the wide angle can send warmth in a wide range

2: The heater is accidentally dumped and the power is turned off and stops running

Avoid collision and leakage, use more secure and safer.

3: Flame retardant material, fireproof material, environmentally friendly flame retardant Safe use, overheating and power-off protection when the machine temperature. The machine will automatically power off when it is too high.

Name: P8 heater
Material: ABS+Silicone+Electronic components
Color: Haoyue White. Haze Blue
Product size: 168.9*173*241.6mm
Outer box size: 615*410*560mm
Power supply method: power cord 0.75m㎡
Packing Quantity: 12PCS
Single net weight/gross weight: 2.1kg/1.35kg
FCL net weight/gross weight: 13.2KG/16.2KG
Input voltage: 90-240V~50/60Hz
Use power: 600W-1000W

protection of heater


Tip-over then power off

Three-speed mode

Three-speed mode

You can switch the warmth you want at any time


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