Black Circulator Fan

Airdog Smart Air Circulator Fan

BeON Voice Control Smart Circulator Fan

* 4 wind modes 

12 hours programmed timer


Child safeguard

Voltage 220V
Wattage 30W
Product size 300*300*(710-830)mm
Material ABS
Net weight 4kg
Wind speed 1-12 wind speed setting
Oscillating degree 30--120 degree setting
Custmized acceptable, negotiate.

Pedestal Air Circulator Circulate all the air

Circulate all the air in the room

The turbocharger design makes the air circulate, avoiding direct blowing. In every corner of the room you’ll feel the air move elegantly.

Air Circulator's Smart mode

Smart mode, automatic adjust the gears accordingly

Airdog has a total of 12 gears. When the temperature changes, Airdog will automatically adjust the gear to bring you a comfortable temperature.

Smart Air Circulator Fan

Smart Air Circulator Fan

Fun & Functional - “Impressive Airflow! Feels like multiple fans… wow!”

Sleep mode, automatically lower the gears

Sleep mode

Automatically lower the gears

Long Blowing Distance

Long Blowing Distance

6m/s wind speed 23m long-distance air supply


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